Daily hacker, builder of things.

{ I am obsessed with how things work. }

I'm currently an engineer at Goldman Sachs working on the Marquee team, an internal startup focused on building electronic trading systems/trading strategy distribution.

Previously, I worked at Time Inc managing the Erlang platform that powered all product renewals, upgrades, and billing transactions.

I graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

I enjoy spicy foods (I once ate the world's hottest sauce), my favorite season is Winter, and I have an affinity for anything with wheels. I'm from Washington, D.C., but I've lived in both London and New York. However, my favorite city is Stockholm, Sweden.

If I had to choose 3 languages to use for the rest of my life, they would be Python, C++, and Erlang (call me crazy). I love learning new languages, especially functional ones as of late.

I'm an OS X evangelist and really anything Unix of the sort. Unsurprisingly, this is my favorite open source project.

I believe in utterly simply designs and sheer minimalism. I treat my code style as a form of art (4 spaces, not tabs). When I'm not bossing computers around, you can find me reposting new house-music on SoundCloud, building things out of wood, or here.



Built the entire backend and sensor system for the GymPeak iOS application, an app where users can see real time occupancy of the Wake Forest, UNC, and Davidson College gyms.
Time Life Alumni Association
Exploring the Fast Fourier Transformation


(Based on live information pulled from my Dropbox)


Software Engineer


  • Working on the Marquee team, an internal startup focused on building electronic trading systems/trading strategy distribution.

Software Development Engineering Intern


  • Worked on the Technology & Product Engineering Team
  • Built the entire Time Life Alumni Society website (www.tlasconnect.com) as a sole developer, managing the entire PHP stack.
  • Managed and deployed AWS Elastic Beanstalk development & production environments
  • Build custom Wordpress plugins, including a full fledged login/registration system.
  • Wrote Python database migration scripts to facilitate local to production deploys
  • Partook in weekly Node.js meet-ups, contributed towards an internal Slack voting system where developers could vote on lunch options.
  • Designed and implemented a RESTful API for the DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform, with a custom git mechanism to archive MongoDB snapshots.

Software Engineer


  • Member of Wake Forest University's homegrown Software Development firm, working primarily as a backend engineer.
  • Designed and implemented a RESTful API (Java web application, built using Jersey, Apache Tomcat, and Maven support) for the GymPeak iOS Application. (www.gympeak.com), while also providing extensive documentation.
  • Integrated a sensor system and Raspberry Pi to harvest foot-traffic data from the Wake Forest Miller Fitness center, to power the GymPeak iOS Application and provide users with a real-time count of number of people in the gym and historical analytics.
  • Built a suite of Java averaging tasks that run hourly to compute running averages on gym attendance and update respective database tables.
  • Managed Heroku deployments, Bitbucket repositories, and cloud-hosted PostgreSQL databases.
  • Leveraged test-driven development and worked closely with iOS engineers.
  • To date, largely have written Java, Python, and Shell.

Software Engineer (eCommerce)


  • Worked for the eCommerce initiatives team at Time Inc.
  • Owned the Merchandising Service platform (system in charge of renewals, upgrades, and business rules) for Time Inc's numerous brands.
  • Development work was primarily done in Erlang.

Software Engineering Intern


  • Participated in daily Standups with the NLP team, took part in sprint estimations, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives.
  • Gained invaluable experience with Scala, Apache Tomcat, MySql, and built upon my existing knowledge of JavaScript/HTML/CSS.
  • Built features on top of a custom-implemented NLP tagging tool that worked directly with trained Insight models.
  • Added improved functionality and necessary enhancements to nBA's implementation of Brat Rapid Annotation Tool, a project created at the University of Tokyo to show NLP textual analysis work on loaded text (customer reviews in our case). This involved building upon nBA's existing backend document annotation methodology. Check out the project page here: http://brat.nlplab.org/
  • Wrote several short Python scripts to generate Brat compatible JSON objects from NewBrand's tagging ontology.
  • Did an overhaul of the existing Brat UI with a custom Bootstrap implementation for a cleaner/more refined look while also improving intuitiveness.
  • Built an automation testing tool used by the QA team to report performance of NLP releases. This tool was a Python application that showed distribution across past and present NLP builds and served to inform NLP team stakeholders on the effectivity of trained models.

Software Engineering Intern


  • Participated in daily Standups with the data science team, took part in sprint estimations, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives.
  • I worked with the engineering and data science teams in helping analyze and parse merchant data. I primarily developed in the Python language and also helped setup and buildout Django web applications. I also managed a Github account and contributed to Cobrain's Github repository on a weekly basis.
  • I spent a large part of the summer also working with Affiliate marketers such as AvantLink, Commission Junction, and Rakuten LinkShare in helping Cobrain manage their affiliate merchants. This was largely done through API request scripts that I wrote.
  • Implemented a Splunk logging infrastructure to track site-wide metrics (Java Application).
  • Hacked on the Cobrain RESTful API, adding endpoints/routes to be used for internal monitoring. (Node.js)
  • Cobrain also had an internal blog for which I wrote weekly. Some of the topics I wrote about consisted of Hadoop/MapReduce and Titan (graph database). Link to one of the articles I wrote: http://blog.cobrain.com/2013/08/21/an-introduction-to-distributed-computing/

Business Development Intern


  • Worked for a part of the summer doing Salesforce tasks in the accounting/finances department. I created oppurtunities, merged contacts, and edited accounts of customers. I also helped with data cleanup/organization.
  • I also spent a long part of the summer using Microsoft Visio to create stencils and shapes that would be used to design templates unique to BroadSoft. In doing so, I learned how to create original shapes on Visio and how to "build-out" a professional networking template to display BroadSoft\'s telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Towards the end of the summer, I was in charge of creating TCO spreadsheets in Excel. I worked with members of the sales team to design proposals to give to customers regarding BroadSoft and its products.


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